South African Startup, jobs4mzansi Launches an Online Marketplace to Connect Skilled Professionals to Paid Tasks


Following the outbreak of the coronavirus, there has been a surge in the rate at which daily life activities are…

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Following the outbreak of the coronavirus, there has been a surge in the rate at which daily life activities are digitized.

One of the advantages of this technological age we are in is
flexibility. Technology also helps save time and gets a task completed faster.

Speaking of easing daily life processes, jobs4mzansi – a
South African startup, has launched an online marketplace where skilled
professionals in various fields get to complete paid task for individuals or
corporate bodies that require their expertise.

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The startup, which was founded by Mgolodela Siviwe, pairs
South Africans to micro jobs on a freelance platform. The initiative also gives
employed persons, who have one skill or the other, the chance to make some
extra money.

Commenting, Siviwe said, ‘’I planned to create a simple,
safe, and secure means to do business online. The idea behind the innovation is
quite simple – the platform helps people who have the knowledge or skills about
a particular task to monetize their skills by completing certain operations.’’

Furthermore, the platform also endeavours to make online
transactions done on its platform very simple and honest.

For service providers, there is a fixed rate. The platform
operates as an escrow medium, which helps guarantee and protect the interest of
both parties involved in a business transaction.

Also, jobs4mzansi features a built-in messaging system to aid
smooth communication between transacting parties without having to exit the

‘’Eliminating fear and anxiety from this online business is
the first step to assuring our clients of peace of mind. In that vein, whenever
a service provider fails to meet up with the agreed deadline, the individual or
body seeking such service will get a full refund.’’

Already, jobs4mzansi has over 250 members who have registered
with the platform, and it has more than 150 listed services. 

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